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30 Wonderful Mandala Tattoo Ideas

30 Wonderful Mandala Tattoo Ideas

After going through various common tattoo designs, now you may really want to know about something rare or uncommon in the scenario. Normally there are various types of tattoo designs that are really good but due to some reasons are not popular among us. But it’s for sure that when you will be going with

Tattoos that looks Hot on Guys

Tattoos are always special for men and so we are going to talk about the tattoos that really look hot on men. Actually it’s true that tattoos are a part of our fashion statement and various surveys says that men with tattoos look more sexy and hot. So being a male you shouldn’t avoid this

White Tiger Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Tiger is an animal that we all are fascinated about. Actually there are many reasons for the fascination of us humans. Due to this reason our thinking towards this animal has grew in such a manner that it is also projected in permanent tattoos. Have you ever seen a white tiger? Yes in this article