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40 Coverup Tattoos that you Can’t Imagine

40 Coverup Tattoos that you Can’t Imagine

Are you really tensed about your old ruined tattoo? It’s time to be serious now. Actually, it may be possible that you ended up with a wrong tattoo, or your tattoo has been destroyed by any means, or even your tattoo artist was not enough skilled to give you a perfect design, whatever may be,

40 Best Couple Tattoo Ideas

Are you truly in love with someone or you both feel incomplete without each other? Nowadays male and female both have a special attraction for tattoos. So it’s not a bad idea to get a couple tattoo which makes both of you completely. Actually, couple tattoos are mainly seen as a symbol of unity and

10 Piercing Aftercare Instructions

From nose to lips to navel, bellybuttons are all the way very popular nowadays. As tattoos grew its demand over a couple of years, body piercing is also growing its demand over years. Within the last few years, piercing has become a very demanding style statement. But with their lot of advantages, they also have

10 Tattoo Aftercare Mistakes to Avoid

We people make our lovely tattoos after deciding a lot but we people have a very little idea about how to take care of the tattoo so that it lasts long. Actually there is a great confusion about this matter among us. As a result we have decided to come up with this article that

Health Risks and Warnings associated with Tattooing

Tattooing had become the passion of people these days.  People love to tattoo there body parts more often. Tattoo art had emerged out to be the best body art forms throughout the world. A thing having positives will also have some negatives. Though, Tattoo art is really popular and more and more people are going

Tattoo shading

10 Basic elements of Tattoo shading

Tattoo art is the ancient art form that had emerged rapidly in the modern world. People are now becoming more eager to get a tattoo on their body. Tattoo designing is also looked as a career opportunity by many people. Tattoo if used wonderfully helps in advancing the look of a person. Most of the

Top 12 Popular Brands for Tattoo Inks

The Oxford English Dictionary gives the historical background of tattoo as, tattaow, tattow. The first composed references to the statement, “tattow” show up in compositions from the first voyage of James Cook by a hefty portion of the team parts. Prior to the importation of the Polynesian word, the act of tattooing had been portrayed

5 Important Tips to become a Tattoo Artist

Tattooing world had become a really competitive one and people are adopting this art form in large numbers. Many people are coming up to take up this art form as profession. Many youngsters aspire to become a tattoo artist. Professional courses had also been started in this field and different universities are giving certifications, diplomas

Different Facts About Tattoo Ink: 12 Facts

Tattoo ink is the coloring substance, that provide color to your art work. The ink highlights the design and makes it more realistic and appealing. This pigment is usually made out of heavy metal or the metallic salts. Some tattoo artist used the ready made color while other create their own color spectrum by blending

10 Questions to ask while Consulting about Tattoo Designs

The tattoo art is one of the most emerging activities throughout the world. People going for tattoo design are increasing in number and new and attractive tattoo designs are forcing the people to go for a tattoo. Tattoo had become the symbol of sex appeal. Men, women, boys, and girls everyone wants to get a