Top 12 Popular Brands for Tattoo Inks

The Oxford English Dictionary gives the historical background of tattoo as, tattaow, tattow. The first composed references to the statement, “tattow” show up in compositions from the first voyage of James Cook by a hefty portion of the team parts. Prior to the importation of the Polynesian word, the act of tattooing had been portrayed

Lotus Tattoo Designs for Girls

40 Awesome Lotus Tattoo Designs for Girls

Flower design tattoos are the most popular form of tattoos that is preferred by women. It represents elegance and beauty with its hilarious and vibrant colors, designs and patterns. Girls generally get themselves inked with flower tattoos and flaunt it around wherever they go with pride. The tattoos are stupendous with the variety of designs.

5 Important Tips to become a Tattoo Artist

Tattooing world had become a really competitive one and people are adopting this art form in large numbers. Many people are coming up to take up this art form as profession. Many youngsters aspire to become a tattoo artist. Professional courses had also been started in this field and different universities are giving certifications, diplomas

50 Ideological Buddhist Tattoo Designs

Tattooing these days is a form of expressing oneself. So, it’s a person’s own idea and thinking to bring down anything in his mind in the form of tattoos. One such hit these days with the latest generations is Buddhist Tattoo Designs. Buddhism is created in India. But it is so famous that it has

50 Incredibly Beautiful Script tattoo Designs

Beautiful Script tattoo Designs are the most traditional and stunning form of tattoo design and it looks very elegant and subtle on anyone. These tattoos comprises of letters which conveys different feeling such as love, faith, peace etc and people may use it for different purposes. Some of them can get quotes inked on themselves.

50 Meaningful Zodiac Tattoo Designs

Do you wish to engrave your body part with a tattoo holding a meaning? Are you in quest of a design that expresses something about your persona? Choosing a tattoo design that incorporates your zodiac sign is an excellent way to do this. In fact, there is a huge in reds in the number of

Top 10 Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World

Tattooing had emerged out to be the most popular art forms around the world. It had become a trend worldwide and people have gone made about these tattoos. There are number of tattoo artists around the world, who are popular for their designs and the techniques they use to bring out the finest tattoos design.

Different Facts About Tattoo Ink: 12 Facts

Tattoo ink is the coloring substance, that provide color to your art work. The ink highlights the design and makes it more realistic and appealing. This pigment is usually made out of heavy metal or the metallic salts. Some tattoo artist used the ready made color while other create their own color spectrum by blending