40 Maori Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoos being a very hot fantasy for today’s youngsters and have a lot of stocks in store. The tattooing world never disappoints its fans. Something or the other keeps coming in this area of business. The reinvention of few designs has given the tattooing art a twist. There is a range of tattooists who is

Japanese Tattoo Design

40 Best Japanese Tattoo Designs

It was amazing to find out that Japanese were also fond of tattoos, and the same was revealed after having a look at some of the ancient pieces made by them i.e. statues and pottery items.  These tattoos were done by the upper class section of the society. The tattoos talked about the ancient culture

40 Small Tattoo Designs for Men

There are many options to choose from the trendy tattoo designs available in the market, however till date small tattoo designs are the most popular by far. They are considered to be the trendiest ones and sexy too. However, it is not always that they are considered feminine, but small tattoo designs for men are

40 Skeleton Tattoo Designs for Boys

These days tattooing have become a very important business area where in so many youngsters are tattooing many of their body parts. The designs are chosen as per their age and gender. Skeleton Tattoo Designs for Boys have emerged with various varieties and designs these days as it suits to their attitudes. Skeleton tattoos are

Health Risks and Warnings associated with Tattooing

Tattooing had become the passion of people these days.  People love to tattoo there body parts more often. Tattoo art had emerged out to be the best body art forms throughout the world. A thing having positives will also have some negatives. Though, Tattoo art is really popular and more and more people are going

40 Egyptian Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

The tattoo is an art of self expression. They define you more than you more than your words. The tattoo is being in existence since the ancient times. These are engraved on your body  and leaves a lifetime imprint on your identity. As the trend changes, their designs also change. People served these permanent marks

Tattoo shading

10 Basic elements of Tattoo shading

Tattoo art is the ancient art form that had emerged rapidly in the modern world. People are now becoming more eager to get a tattoo on their body. Tattoo designing is also looked as a career opportunity by many people. Tattoo if used wonderfully helps in advancing the look of a person. Most of the

40 Best Eagle Tattoo Designs

There are various reasons due to which people like to get inked with some of the animal tattoos, and out of all the animals favorite choice of almost all of them is an eagle tattoo. The reason behind its popularity and fame is because it is symbolic and portrays different aspects. While getting an eagle

40 Army Tattoo Designs for Men

Our body is the best canvas. In the world, you will not find any better  canvas than your own body. The tattoo is the ancient art form. However, the meaning and purpose of tattoo changes with time. Traditionally people used to had tattoo to display their tribe and community while nowadays, the tattoo is being