50 Incredibly Beautiful Script tattoo Designs

Beautiful Script tattoo Designs are the most traditional and stunning form of tattoo design and it looks very elegant and subtle on anyone. These tattoos comprises of letters which conveys different feeling such as love, faith, peace etc and people may use it for different purposes. Some of them can get quotes inked on themselves.

50 Meaningful Zodiac Tattoo Designs

Do you wish to engrave your body part with a tattoo holding a meaning? Are you in quest of a design that expresses something about your persona? Choosing a tattoo design that incorporates your zodiac sign is an excellent way to do this. In fact, there is a huge in reds in the number of

Top 10 Most Popular Tattoo Artists in the World

Tattooing had emerged out to be the most popular art forms around the world. It had become a trend worldwide and people have gone made about these tattoos. There are number of tattoo artists around the world, who are popular for their designs and the techniques they use to bring out the finest tattoos design.

Different Facts About Tattoo Ink: 12 Facts

Tattoo ink is the coloring substance, that provide color to your art work. The ink highlights the design and makes it more realistic and appealing. This pigment is usually made out of heavy metal or the metallic salts. Some tattoo artist used the ready made color while other create their own color spectrum by blending

Best 50 Attractive Tree Tattoo Designs

With tattoos becoming extremely trendy and well liked among young girls and boys, a plenty of tattoo designs are available these days. One of them is tree tattoo designs. However, tree tattoo designs are not the first thing that strikes the mind when going for a new tattoo. But they have been able to fascinate

Tiger Tattoo Designs for Men: 60 Designs

Have you ever had a tattoo before? Are you still searching the possibilities of having one? Well, you must look for a Tiger Tattoo design which looks so cool on any guy. Let’s face it, all men want to have a cool tattoo design which makes them look strong and which the girls would just

Small Tattoo Designs for Women: 50 Tattoos

Tattoos designs speak about the personality and charm about the person. The industry is no longer dominated by men but now many women and teenage girls are opting for having body art as well. A most contributing factor to this growing popularity is because many female celebrities are going for various types of small tattoo

50 Beautiful Bird Tattoo Designs to go with

Bird tattoos designs can be attractive and at the same time feminine. This is the reason bird tattoo designs are becoming extremely trendy among young girls. Birds are often symbolized as souls and hold a traditional meaning as mediators between the gods and men. Let’s glance through the rising trend of bird tattoo designs and then

50 Sexy Thigh Tattoo Designs for Women

A tattoo is an art form that boosts your appearance and emotion. Tattoo is been in fashion since late 50’s but now created the fashion statement. Tattoo is a permanent ink on your body. It can be everywhere from your head to toe. Out of these one that is most prevailing is the thigh tattoo.