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40 Stylish Mermaid Tattoo Designs

40 Stylish Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Can you remember your childhood days? The stories you read or listened about mermaids. How this mysterious creature became your fascination? Yes almost all of us can recall the stories of mermaid because it was one of the popular creatures of our bedtime stories. Even some of us fell in love with the beauty of

10 Piercing Aftercare Instructions

From nose to lips to navel, bellybuttons are all the way very popular nowadays. As tattoos grew its demand over a couple of years, body piercing is also growing its demand over years. Within the last few years, piercing has become a very demanding style statement. But with their lot of advantages, they also have

10 Tattoo Aftercare Mistakes to Avoid

We people make our lovely tattoos after deciding a lot but we people have a very little idea about how to take care of the tattoo so that it lasts long. Actually there is a great confusion about this matter among us. As a result we have decided to come up with this article that

Best Types of Tattoo Machine Used

Now those who are too much interested in the art of tattoo making and eager to know about the art will find this article too much helpful. Here we will be talking about the tattoo machines and its different classifications. Actually tattoo machine is a tool that is used for drawing a tattoo on a

35 Awesome Lizard Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Are you thinking of making a tattoo based off reptiles? Then the most common subject to think about is a Lizard Tattoo. Yes, you have guessed right, this article is dealing with all the meanings and lizard tattoo designs. First of all, you should know that lizard tattoo is not a very common tattoo you